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Welcome to Duane Cave The Art Of Selling

Duane Cave The Art Of Selling is more than just a sales training university. I train salespeople all the time. Why? There are thousands of sales trainers, sales books, audio sales books, and websites devoted to making salespeople better at what they do. The real problem is two-fold. First, the salespeople think they know how to sell and do not need to train or practice their craft. Second, their employers think training is a waste of money. I guarantee to turn your sales team into full time producers who will increase your sales figures 20 to 50% or more within the year. I will guarantee this every year that they continue to take their profession seriously. Attend a seminar, join a class, receive ongoing coaching, or better yet, take advantage of the fact that I will come to you. You can train at your location. Just decide today that sales is a worthy profession and that you are going to be great. Now, get your team fired up and ready to "Make it Happen".

Training Is Essential

  • Successfull People Train
  • Doctors Constantly Train
  • Athletes Train Daily
  • Performers Practice Over & Over To Get It Right
  • Teachers Take More Classes To Stay Up To Date
  • Mechanics Continue To Train
  • Tax Professionals Train
  • Great Sales People Train

The problem is only about 5% of sales people are great. The rest learned a little bit years ago and right or wrong they try to get by on just that information. Sometimes it works but more often it fails. Break the cycle. To increase your sales You Must Train.

Increase Sales Or Do Not Pay

Account Management

Let Us Be Your Sales Team

Let Duane Cave manage your customers for one year. We have an inside sales team along with outside sales Account Managers that will make sure you keep your customers happy and buying everything you offer. Duane Cave Sales Solutions can help your business grow in three ways. 1) We will be your sales force. 2) We can help you hire a sales force. 3) We can work with your current sales force to make sure they are performing at optimal capacity. In today's economy your customer demands attention.

The benefits of outsourcing your sales include:

  • Duane Cave Sales Solutions offers both inside and outside sales for your business
  • We can work with and motivate your existing team or we can be your team
  • Outsourcing sales is less expensive than employees
  • Guaranteed results or you do not pay

Starting at only $2,000.00 per month

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On-Site Sales Training

Sales Training At Your Location

Duane Cave Sales Solutions offers customized sales training programs at your location. There are four convenient time slots every day so that you are sure to get your team trained, motivated and prepared to get out there and make money. The on-site training classes are geared for one-on-one teaching, coaching and include ride-a-long training as well. Have your team meet at your office weekly or monthly for outstanding sales training and skills adjustments. Practice makes perfect and we will practice hard before your team tackles the day.

The benefits of on-site sales training include:

  • Hands on teaching including role playing
  • Classes are about 1 hour long
  • Classes pay for themselves in as little as 1 month
  • Ride-A-Longs are available
  • Guaranteed results or you do not pay

Starting at only $315.00 per class.

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